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The Donian Family has a rich history hailing from Armenia in the mid 1800s, to Chicago, during which time the family escaped the Armenian Holocaust and laid down its roots in Chicago and Skokie, Illinois and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin buying entire lots of property directly from the famous Rockefeller Family. The Donian Family came to America, as immigrants do, seeking freedom from oppression and annihilation, and the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the American Dream!

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Jemile Donian had four beautiful children all College educated at the University of Chicago, while they founded, created and managed the Nonebetter Ice Cream Company. and Sparkle Ice Company.

A son, Armand Samuel, after being a hero in World War II in the United States Army under the command of General Patton, married Phyllis Wrinkle-Decker, a famous entertainer and recorded Jazz singer, and had one son, Daniel Lee, Vice President of Clear/Cut Teleproductions Company, Incorporated and co-creator of The Peace Tapes, who married Susan Teri Nasatsky, graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, and co-creator of The Peace Tapes, and have one son, Danny-Caleb, who is presently a United States Army Sergeant on active duty serving overseas,

The oldest Daughter, Adelene sadly passed away at a very young age,

Another Daughter, Verna, an artist and singer in her own right, married Mr. Aram Bezazian and had no children, and,

The youngest daughter, Dorothy, an accomplished artist and opera singer in her own right, married a business savvy entrepreneur Armen Avedisian, who was in charge of the Bank of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and helped bring the Statue of Liberty to New York’s Ellis Island and became an Ambassador for the United States in the Dominican Republic. These two had three lovely children Guy, Van and Donna and Van married Heidi and these two have five children, living happily today in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago.

The 1940s were rough on the Family and during the final ending stages of World War II, the Family lost its precious leaders, Mr. Samuel Donian, in 1944, Mrs. Jemile Eghian Donian in 1945 and young Adelene in 1940, not long after those heartbreaking events, the Nonebetter Ice Cream Company closed its doors for good and ceased to be.

Decades later, after the passing of Mr. Armand S. Donian, he bequeathed the Family’s McDonald’s property located in Skokie, Illinois which has been in the Family for now almost a one hundred and forty-four years, to his precious grandson, Daniel Armand Caleb Samuel Donian, and in his Trust, Mr. Armand requested this property be inherited by his only Grandson. Thus was born, Nonebetter Property Management Company, Incorporated, named after the Family’s business, with the business mission of delivering this property to its rightful heir in the immediate present time that is right now.

Some of these events are depicted here in the Accordion of Pictures, we hope you enjoy the presentation and we thank you for your interest:

1879 – 1918

May 1st to October 30th, 1893






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